Jun 15

How Deep Is This Hole?

This weekend, I was introduced by a friend to JulianSmith.tv. His sketches are definitely some of the best (and cleanest) I’ve seen in a long while. One of my favorites is his “One Bad App” sketch about the Apple App Store approval process.¬†One of the apps in the sketch was called “How Deep Is This Hole?” To use the app, you drop your phone, and it verbally tells you how far you dropped it.

Since I had yet to figure out how to use Android’s text-to-speech engine and accelerometer, I figured it was a good time to fool around and learn how they worked.

I spent last night reading countless accelerometer tutorials and trying to remember simple physics, and finally came out with a working app. (Since only uses rudimentary physics calculations, so it’s not the most accurate thing in the world, but hey–this is more for fun than it is for practical use.)

Here’s Julian Smith’s sketch if you haven’t seen it yet:

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  1. How about tie your phone to a rope and carefully lower it down a well to find out how deep it is?

  2. Where’s the fun in that? :p

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