Aug 9

Improved Look Coming in the Next Version of Ubuntu

When the current version of Ubuntu was released back in April, it sported a shiny new theme that differed radically from the familiar brown that defined Ubuntu since its creation six years. This new theme was a part of their new branding, which focuses on light and warmth rather than earth and coffee. But while the new theme was certainly visually refreshing, it seemed to be a little rough around the edges. The next version of Ubuntu, which will be releasing in October, will come with a greatly improved version of the theme.

Preview of the Ubuntu theme

Changes include the replacement of brown tints on menu selections with orange, a tab-like button for drop-down menus, improved checkboxes, radio buttons, and progress bars, and glows on selected buttons. It’s a bit difficult to try to describe all of the improvements in this new version of the theme, so if the screenshot above doesn’t satisfy you, I encourage you to try it out for yourself!

You can find the beta version of the theme at Note that only the Ambience theme is available at the moment, but the Radiance (which, in my opinion, definitely needs improvement) is also being worked on.

(via Canonical Design)

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