I make mobile apps.

I develop high-quality good-looking applications for mobile devices. I’m especially fond of Android development and love whipping up new applications for the platform, but I can develop in other mobile platforms as well. (Oh, HTML5 apps, anyone?) I understand that the importance of developing mobile applications that look good as well as work well. I take design guidelines seriously.

I design and develop modern, beautiful websites.

And I do them right. I know how to leverage HTML5,CSS, and Javascript effectively, and adhere to modern universal web standards. I backend development as well, so I know what goes on behind the scenes. I can do almost anything, from setting up your blog to creating your church website to building your social network or mobile application server.


Gordian lets you make your own secret codes by using a combination of different codes and ciphers. You can use these codes to send secret emails and text messages to your friends, or to keep your own information safe from prying eyes.

site: Gordian on Google Play
my involvement: Android development, UI design


BitCam is a photo app that lets you relive your pixelated past! See your world as an 8-bit video game or an ancient computer. Take a picture, choose one of several nostalgic filters, and share your photos with your friends.

site: Bitcam on Google Play
my involvement: Android development, UI design


Gifinator is a gif animation creator, one of the first of its kind for Android. Its clean, intuitive UI has allowed over 10,000 users to create stop motion animations in a matter of seconds.

site: Gifinator on Google Play
my involvement: Android development, UI design

Georgia Tech: Computational Media

I developed the Computational Media website for Georgia Tech. Computational Media is actually the major I am studying at Georgia Tech, so I made sure to give the site the same TLC that the college has given me.

site: lmc.gatech.edu/compumedia/
my involvement:Web Design, HTML, CSS, CMS Development

Dothan Community Church

Dothan Community Church

Dothan Community Church is a multiracial church located in Dothan, Alabama. My job was to replace the original flash-based website with a modern, clean site that communicates the church’s commitment to serving the community and teaching Biblical principles in a contemporary manner.

site: www.dothancommunitychurch.org
my involvement: Web Design, XHTML, CSS, CMS Development